Affordable Responsive Website Design

Affordable responsive website design blog posts are written to motivate you to think about your online presence needs, how to determine if they are being met and to advise on website solutions. Not every business needs a website at least at the start. Let’s talk.

Larry Bohen Web Solutions is passionate about mentoring your success on the Web.

Reply to Email Inquiries!

Pay Attention to Email Inquiries Do you have a website? Do you invite clients or potential clients to contact you on your website? A few months ago I emailed a local roofer using the email address on the company's website. I wanted to ask the company to quote on...

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Should My Business Be on the Web?

Should My Business Be on the Web? To Web or Not: If you do NOT have a website and are considering getting on the Web, one of the first questions you need to answer is whether you want to market outside of your immediate market. Being on the Web opens up a world...

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