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 Responsive Web Design


What Is Responsive Web  Design?


Why Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

Chances are you are viewing this page either on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile device. All of these devices have different size screens requiring today’s effective websites to be properly viewed on each screen size. Without a responsive website design that is views well in multiple devices, your website looses leads and/or sales.

In November 2019, statistics show the following usage:

  • Mobile – 52%
  • Desktop – 45%
  • Tablet – 3%

Viewing, surfing and searching on the Web on mobile devices began exceeding desktops December 2018 and is expected to continue increasing in the forseeable future. It is critical that your website be viewable on all devices.

As a responsive website designer, Larry Bohen Web Solutions uses a website build process that assures that your website is responsive (aka mobile-friendly) on multiple devices with passionate attention to mobile devices because of it’s expected future growth in usage.

Go here to check any page on the Web for responsive / mobile-friendly behavior.

Want to learn more about responsive website design for your website just send an email Responsive Web Design.