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Responsive Website Design  Portfolio

Larry Bohen Web Solutions website portfolio presents several responsive websites we’ve built using the WordPress platform and Elegant Theme’s Divi theme.

Our responsive website designs are a great fit for businesses or organizations are just starting out, don’t already have a website or have an old website that they want redesigned. Our website services include design, basic SEO, hosting and monthly maintenance plans.

What’s to maintain about a website?

A responsive website design has a lot of parts that need to work together to assure a friendly and effective user (visitor) experience. Some of those parts are:

  • Content – your products, services, prices… are likely to change over time.
  • Software updates – WordPress, Divi and plugins are updated often by their developers.
  • Security checks to assure no viruses or malware.
  • Checking search engine results positions (SERPs). Good SERPs are critical to your website’s success. Unfortunately, website SERPs change almost daily. Sometimes your ranking improves. Sometimes it does not.
  • Annual domain name renewals to assure you don’t lose ownership rights.
  • Website backups to assure, in the event of a catastrophe, your website can be back up ASAP.

Larry Bohen Web Solutions takes care of these “parts” and more.

We would love to add your website to this Larry Bohen Web Solutions portfolio.

Responsive Web Design - D&D Sugarwoods Farm
responsive web design - Vermont Authors Fest
responsive web design - Albany Community Trust
responsive web design - Craftsbury Farmers Market
responsive web design - Vermont Country Home for Sale