Responsive Website Design Services

What’s a responsive website?

Take a look at some responsive websites we’ve built. Although the presentation of any website will look a bit different when viewed on a desktop, laptop, notebook or smartphone, a responsive design is flexible and accommodates these devices so that the user experience is friendly and effective.

Larry Bohen Web Solutions was founded in the small, rural town of Albany, Vermont with the passionate goal of providing affordable, responsive website design, SEO, hosting and maintenance services to new or existing small businesses and non-profits. Many businesses, that could benefit from a Web presence, find that the cost to have a website built or enhanced is prohibitive especially by a website design agency.

What’s a web design agency? A web design agency has multiple people, each with a particular skill such as graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), content specialist, marketing specialist, social media guru… In addition, a web design agency will usually have formal office space, employee benefits, and other typical overhead costs that have to be recouped from clients. You get the picture.

Although your business could likely benefit from hiring a web design agency, the cost, for many small, especially beginning businesses, would likely be too expensive. Enter Larry Bohen Web Solutions, a website design freelancer who will build you a website that is customized, SEO friendly, responsive, affordable and scalable that can grow with your business. If and when you decide that your business can afford the web agency approach, your website can easily transferred to a web design agency should you want to.

Websites that are built by Larry Bohen Web Solutions use the WordPress platform and Elegant Theme’s Divi themes. states “35% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.” It’s popularity is up from the 25% use of a few years ago. The WordPress platform continues to increase in popularity for building great websites.

Already have a website? Is it working hard for you? Larry Bohen Web Solutions may be able to help.

Let’s start off by having a free conversation about your business, its goals, your website needs and whether you would benefit from a website or a refreshing of your current website. Email Website Design, SEO & Hosting to start our conversation.