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Don’t Let Your Website Get Stale.

Good Websites are Living Creations.

I repeat. Your website is never done.

Whether you have a new website or an old website, you as it’s owner, need to pay attention to it periodically or make sure someone is. A website is a living creation that needs to be refreshed for the good of your visitors AND the search engine bots.

It’s easy to do a quick review of your website, even without special knowledge. Once you perform this review, you’ll want  your webmaster to make corrections and/or updates.

Your visitors want to explore your website without coming upon pages with missing images, bad links, old information, or poor presentation of information. Incorrect grammar and mis-spellings indicate a lack of attention to detail.

Some of the most common issues I find when reviewing websites are:

  • Bad outbound links (broken links) especially in membership type websites. Your outbound links must be checked ideally at least once per month. An outbound link that no longer works will go to a “404 Page Not Found” which visitors and search engines do NOT like.
  • Missing images – Perhaps the images were never there and the person installing them didn’t confirm their presence at the time.
  • Text that is out-of-date. For example,
    • a list of a Board of Directors
    • an article with out-of-date information
    • a  list of “coming events” dates that are in the past
    • products that are no longer offered
    • product prices that have changed
    • new products

An audit of your website with special software will likely reveal much more information, but the above review of your website can be done by most anyone.

Still not convinced to pay periodic attention to your website? Email me for a major reason NOT mentioned above.